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Manual  Check out catalog

If you check out a catalog, in other words copy it into another directory, you may change its configuration, more precisely, you may reduce it. To do so, set a so-called filter in the Edit project menu area[31] which acts as a sort of "stamp" on the affected projects. Once the project file has that filter, it can be addressed selectively.

Example: You applied a catalog. It contains parts (projects), some of which are to be visible to everyone and some only for customers abroad. Then give certain projects the filter "english", others "french", etc.

Depending on which foreign catalog variant you want to combine, assign the catalog to be checked out with that country-specific filter. To do so, open the window Project filter (Browse ... in Filter field) and set a checkmark.

If you select the option ALL all projects will be checked out, regardless of filters. For NONE all projects that do not have a filter, as well as those who do, are checked out.

[Note] Note

In contrast to Check out projects, the "loose" files, in other words those which cannot be assigned to any project file, are copied.

  • Add value from ERP table (without ERP integration this option is grayed out)

  • Resolve value ranges automatically (if possible)

[31] Under Section, “Menu item Table filters ” you can find details on how to create these filters.

In the PARTdataManager it is possible to control the scope of the displayed catalog projects with precisely such filters (see Section 12.1.9, “ "Part selection" tabbed page ” -> Project filter).