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4.3.1. "General" tabbed page

On the General tabbed page you get general license information such as:

  • Connection to local license demon: OK / No connection

  • Local communication port

  • License type

  • Hostid: All valid hostid are displayed

  • Active modules

In the Configured license server dialog area you get further information concerning the currently connected license server such as Name, Type/Role (Master/Backend) and Version (8.1 or 9.0x).

Check connection...: The display under Configured license server is refreshed.

Start PARTadmin license administration...: The module PARTadmin is opened with the category License administration.[20]

"General" tab page

"General" tab page

[20] Detailed information on this is found under Section 1.4, “ License administration ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Administration Manual.