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3.1.7. PARTadmin Geometry import: Creation of Classimporter files

With the CADENAS Classimporter you can transfer classifications together with article master data to PARTsolutions.

Via PARTadmin category Index administration -> Geometry import the input files are prepared for the processing with the Classimporter.

The following steps explain the procedure. You can find a detailed documentation concerning Classimporter under Section 3.1, “ Classimporter ”.

  1. Preparation:

    If you want to keep the converted stl-, or zjv files in the "import_temp" directory, then under $CADENAS_USER/padmin.cfg in the "STLImportInput" section the "cleanup" key has to be set on the value 0 (possibly you have to create the key). Otherwise the directory is deleted after finished import.

    The "import_temp" directory is found in the source directory.

    The file image.csv references there:

    "";"4bar1";"C:/Program Files/SolidWorks Corp/SolidWorks/samples/HandsOn/addmotor/

  2. With PARTadmin import the geometry files from the defined Source directory.

    [Note] Note

    As Import method please select "Import all files via Class Importer. (Export only partly possible)".

    Import all files via ClassImporter

    Import all files via ClassImporter

    You can find a detailed description of the Import geometry data dialog box under Import von Geometrie-Dateien.

  3. When all settings are made, then start the import with OK.

    The following processes are executed:

    • -> The catalog is created.

    • -> The files needed for the "Classimport" process (attrdata.csv, attrdef.csv, erpdata.csv, image.csv, prjtable.csv, structure.csv, structuredef.csv) are automatically written and saved under $CADENAS_USER/PARTImporter.

      Example attrdata.csv


    • -> The file classimport.cfg is automatically created in a way, that a number of settings required for the Classimport process are already set.

      • The path declaration in the [CSV_ClassStructure] section for example is already adjusted correctly to $CADENAS_USER/PARTImporter.


      • The key "ADAPTFILENAMES" for STL, preview images and Wantfiles has been set to 0. Leave this setting.


  4. Now modify the CSV files in an intermediate step.

    Possibly you can use simple scripts for adjustments.

  5. Start the Classimporter.

  6. The catalog is created or updated (according to the setting).

    Files are saved in $CADENAS_USER/classimporter.