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Manual Functions of the table

The currently selected Row can always be seen from the blue -marked field at the left. If you double-click on the blue field, providing the relevant individual part has been transferred from PARTsolutions, PARTdataManager is launched and the part is shown in Part view.

Change field content: Mark the field with your mouse or with your keyboard. --> The field is outlined in bold. When beginning the entry of the desire new value and/or wording, the background of the input field turns white (see figure above). Hit ENTER or switch to a new field. --> The new content has been taken over.

Copying field contents: drag the field with the contents to be copied (keep mouse arrow on small box at bottom right) to the position of the field to be populated. Release the mouse button. --> The field contents have now been copied.

[Note] Note

If you quit a field with Esc, text changes are not retained.