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Manual  Full-text search example

The following example shows a complete search with setting search options, result list and starting the part view. We are looking for a hexagon bolt with nominal diameter of 30 and length of 100.

  1. Enter the following into the input field:

    hexagon bolt 30 100

    Search with "Full-text search"

    Search with "Full-text search"

    [Tip] Tip

    When you open the list field under Full-text search, then you see preceding inputs, which you can simply select with a single-click.

  2. Perform the desired setting under Search in [41] and use the setting "Search for parts".[42]

  3. Click on Start search.

    -> The search results are listed on the Search results tabbed page.

  4. Perform a double-click on the desired line (characteristic) or after mouseover, click on the icon Open.

    -> The view switches to the Part view with table view (default).[43]

  5. Top left, at the icon Search filter on/off , you can recognize that the characteristics have been filtered. If you want to see all characteristics, click on the icon.

    [Note] Note

    There are two unintended rows in the search result due to hits under "S", "Width across flats".

    The more values are used in as search input, the more unlikely are unintended hits.

[41] Details on the different options can be found under Section, “ Search in...: Where? ”.

[42] "Search for parts" is recommended when searching for concrete characteristics. For details see Section, “ Search for Parts | Part families and Parts ”.

[43] Information on Part view Vertical can be found under Section, “Determine characteristic in "Vertical" view ”.