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Manual Working with drag & drop

Part is found in the Check-in folder.

Mark the part with the mouse and drag it into the Bill of material folder.

As soon as a frame (blue) shows up around the Bill of material folder, let go of the mouse button.

--> The part is now saved as a sub-folder of the Bill of material folder.

Within a folder you can set hierarchies as well. In other words you can change the Sequence of the deposited parts (folder) or make subdirectories for other folders.

Part (folders) gotten from Drag & Drop can either be deposited as subdirectories in the Main folders (Check-in or Bill of material) or with insertion points - e..g. Pos.3.1 within folder Pos.: 3.

[Note] Note

Only self added parts and assemblies may contain sub-directories!

Single parts, for example from the PARTdataManager, cannot be divided into sub-folders.