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3.2.5.  Hierarchical view

The Hierarchical view in PARTbom is characterized by two main folder:

  • Check-in

  • Bill of material

[Note] Note

If you had clicked File menu -> New, then both folders are initially without content.

Parts that you apply yourself (via Bill of material -> Add part) or, for example transfer from the PARTdataManager, show up in the Check-in folder.

Check-in functions as a clipboard in which parts are initially saved in the form of sub-folders.

[Note] Note

You can set whether parts and assemblies shall be stored directly in the folder Bill of material or at first in the folder "Checkin".

For this proceed as follows:

  1. In the Options menu, click on the item Settings....

    -> The dialog box Settings opens.

  2. On the left side, select the item PARTbom.

  3. In the list field under Insert parts into select the desired option (Check-in or Bill of material).

If a part is in the Check-in folder, it is not displayed in the dialog areas Print preview, Display (part preview) and Table view.

Parts/assemblies are shown in the Table view only if they have been moved individually by drag & drop to the Bill of material folder in the Hierarchical view.