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Manual  Search templates: Save / load

Do you often use the same search settings?

Especially when complex settings are used you can save time when using Search templates:

  1. Perform all desired settings. (As many methods as you like can be used.)

  2. Open the list by clicking on the small black arrow of the button Search templates and then click on the list item Manage search templates ....

    -> The dialog box Manage search templates opens.

  3. Click on the button Add current search.

    Enter the desired Description for the new created search template and confirm with OK.

    -> The template is saved.

  4. When you want to load the saved template again, then click on the button Search templates and then in the list on the desired search template.

    Alternatively you can open the dialog box Manage search templates ... again and there click on the icon Load search at the desired template.

    -> The dialog box automatically closes and the search settings are loaded.

By clicking on you can delete templates which are not needed anymore.

[Note] Note

Note for Administration:

Templates are saved in $CADENAS_USER/searchhistory.

The descriptions can be found in $CADENAS_USER/searchhistory.cfg.

For a centralized distribution save the templates in $CADENAS_SETUP/user/default_user.