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Manual Template

Using an example, the following shows how you can work with templates in the PARTdataManager.

[Note] Note

You can follow the example if you have installed the training.cip.

(Training /Baugruppen/Scharnier/bsp- Scharnier)

In contrast to the configuration, the template assembly (file format *.sbl) completely or at least partially has automatic assembly.

In the Assembly the Start element and the corresponding assembly components show up immediately (see Fig. „Templates with complete self-assembly“).

The selection list area remains empty.

Template types

  1. Templates with complete self-assembly configure themselves 100% alone.

    There are no more free (green) connection points. All connection points are displayed in black font.

    Single elements can be removed or (if possible) replaced by alternative characteristics.

    During a row change the template reassembles itself completely again.

    Templates with complete self-assembly

    Templates with complete self-assembly

  2. Templates with partial self-assembly independently assemble themselves with a certain basic structure. Some Connection points are still open (green) and can be filled with preassigned elements. This template variant is a mixture between configuration and "full-template". It can also be changed and/or reduced.

    [Note] Note

    The example can be found in the training catalog under "building blocks/building blocks - car".

    Template with partial self-assembly (can be configured further)

    Template with partial self-assembly (can be configured further)

  3. Fixed template: This assembles itself 100% automatically, it may however - in contrast to the other template types - neither be changed nor reduced. (See also Section, “Saving templates ”)

    [Note] Note

    As a user you are unable to remove a fixation!