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Manual Context menu and buttons "2D view" window

All commands in the window can both be executed via context menu or via buttons. A click with the secondary mouse button into the window, opens the corresponding context menu.

  • The commands Zoom all, Undo zoom (=Zoom all), Zoom on window (Zoom view on rectangular clipping), Zoom in/out and Pan are explained under Section, “Overview”.

  • Choose insertion point

    If you want to reappoint the insertion point for a part, select Choose insertion point.

    Everywhere placement of such a point is possible, a circle symbol shows up during mouseover. By clicking on the circle, the insertion point is fixated. A green triangle marks the insertion point.

  • Show coordinate system

    Via Show coordinate system a ruler is inserted horizontally and vertically in the 2D view.

  • Print

    Print starts the window for the print job.

  • Dimensioning mode

    After clicking on the respective button or context menu command the dimensioning toolbar is displayed in addition.

    [Note] Note

    The dimensioning mode is only available for the individual views Front, Back, Right, Left, Top, Bottom, Isometric and Current.

    Detailed information on the dimensioning mode can be found under Section, “ Dimensioning mode ”.