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Manual Item "Catalogs"

On the Catalogs tabbed page you can find the desired part via the catalog index with its subdirectories down to the project file.[61] [62]Successively open subdirectories. The branching symbol in the directory tree identifies those folders which contain other folders or projects.

To the right, on the Symbols or Details page, the next deeper level of subdirectories according to the selection on the left is displayed.



Use the Catalog filter, when many catalogs are installed.

Catalog filter

Catalog filter

Advantage: Overview and quick finding

You can also insert several suppliers comma separated.


During typing under Filter the catalog view is already changed on the fly.

Delete entries via x.

[61] Changeable on single click. See Section 3.3.9, “ "Part selection" tabbed page ”)

[62] Beside alphabetical sorting of directories individual sorting is also possible.

You can find detailed information under Section, “ Sort directory ” in eCATALOGsolutions Manual.