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Manual Settings

Perform the desired settings.

  • Search in directory: The selected directory is automatically inserted.

  • Report name: In the input field, enter the desired name. The name will be displayed as the label of tab.

  • Search template:

    • Standard search: Medium quality and speed

    • Broad search: Less speed

    • Search for profiles: Especially suitable for searching profiles, e.g. U-profiles, L-profiles, etc.

    • Duplicate search: Leave the default Duplicate search.

      Algorithms are used which are especially effective to compare parts with high similarity.

  • Minimum similarity in %: Determine the minimal tolerated similarity. Default is 98%.

  • Maximum number of search result: Hereby you can limit the displayed results. It does not affect the search itself.

  • Size-dependent: Default

  • Filter mirrored parts: When activating the option, mirrored parts are filtered.

    Example: Mirrored parts

    Example: Mirrored parts

  • Custom variables:

    By clicking on the button Edit custom variables , the dialog box Custom variables is opened.

    Custom variables

    Custom variables

    Here you have the possibility to define variables, which shall be displayed in the report in addition. These are displayed at each part.

    [Note] Note

    The search itself is not affected by the use of custom variables.

    Possible are both ERP variables and variables from the characteristic attribute table.

    First click on Add in order to add a new line.

    • Variable type:

      Via double-click into the line under Variable type the list field opens with the following options:

      • ERP:

      • Table:

    • Variable:

      Via double-click into the line under "Variable" a list field with the following options opens:

      • Options at variable type "ERP":

        At selection "ERP" the ERP variables of the table are read and displayed in a list. You can also enter any other value.

      • Options at variable type "Table":

        The characteristic attribute variables of the search directory (search source) are listed. You can also enter any other value.

    • Labeling:

      Enter a labeling by clicking on it. This will be displayed in the report later.

    • Unit:

      Optionally you can state a unit. (ONLY possible at variables of the type "Table")

      If the variable has no own unit, the entered unit is displayed.

      If the variable has a unit, the value is converted - if necessary.


      The diameter in the table is given in inches. You have stated mm as unit. -> The value is automatically converted from inches to mm.

    [Tip] Tip

    Already used settings are saved.

    In the list field, select the variable combination to be used in the report. When moving the cursor over an entry, all variables are shown with their description in a tooltip.

  • Filter for results:

    Via dialog section Filter for results, search results can be further restricted. Available filters are Variables search and Topology search. The functions can be multiply used by clicking on the Add search function button.

    [Note] Note

    The filter concerns result parts, not search parts.

    The functionality is according to the standard search functions:

  • Search only in preferred rows

    You can also create a report based on preferred parts. Therefor activate the checkbox. This is comparable to the button Preferred rows on/off in the ERP toolbar. Then the report only uses preferred parts.

    [Note] Note

    The state of the button Preferred rows on/off , in the ERP toolbar, has no effect for reports.

  • Sort by duplicate count

Start the report creation by clicking on OK.

Possibly a message appears that the linear (geometric) index is not up-to-date.

Create the index in PARTadmin under Index administration -> Geometrical search index -> Create/Update.

The report contains two view options, which will be explained in detail in the following: