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Manual Functions

  • The single parts of the connection are connected to a system of rules of conditions. In other words, the respectively displayed parts and values are only valid based on the previously selected. Invalid parts and values are not even displayed. The adjustment occurs in real time. Already selected parts are fixed and identified with the filter symbol .

  • Blind hole - or through-hole connection

    Blind hole or through-hole connections can quickly and simply be configured.

    Through-hole connectionThrough-hole connection

    Through-hole connection

    Blind hole connectionBlind hole connection

    Blind hole connection

    In each CAD system, a simple dialog helps detecting the wall thicknesses of the part(s) and the insertion point of the connection.

    Then PARTdataManager opens with the Connection dialog and offers only such connections that apply to the dimensions of the parts/assemblies to be connected.

  • Automatic calculation of optimal connection elements

    The optimal connection elements are automatically suggested for the available standards (possibly filtered).

  • Specifications of connection elements

    Insert nuts, washers or lock washers and determine whether a countersink needs to be inserted. Input of a counterbore depth greater than hole length e.g. is prevented.

    The input fields for hole length (Part thickness), Blind hole thread length and Counterbore depth immediately signalize the validity of the inserted value by color code.

    A preview image supports when selecting single connection elements.

  • All connection elements can be looked at individually in the CAD

    During transfer of connection to the CAD system, all connection elements are generated individually and can therefore also be looked at individually.

  • The complete feature tree and the sketches used are also available in the CAD system.

  • Positioning

    The connection may be positioned as a whole.

  • PARTsolutions with ERP integration

    When PARTsolutions is used with an ERP integration (link database) both complete screw connections and the single connection components can be linked with ERP information.

    Status lights (green, red, orange), on project and value level, support to quickly find released connection elements.

    Connections with ERP integration

    Connections with ERP integration