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Manual What is searched?

The following data are part of the index. Thus, for those it can be searched in all languages:

  • Project

    • Path

    • NT

    • NN

    • Date

    • Catalog name

  • Table (+ERP)

    • NB

    • Fixed numerical values

    • Fixed textual values

    • Order number (defined by CNSORDERNO)

    • Value range variables with fixed values (no value range)

  • Classifications

    • EClass IDs or class description

    • Class attributes

  • Topological measures of length

    When executing a Full-text search, topological measures of length are also searched through, what is advantageously, especially when using own part catalogs, because here, often a detailed characteristic attribute table is missing. (Otherwise especially Topology search and Geometric search (3D) are appropriate methods.)[48] [49]


  • Topological information is displayed in its own docking window Topology information.

    The following figure shows an example where the textual search term "Tischplatte" is found in the table, however, the numerical value in the topological information.

  • The Project path is displayed on the tabbed page Search results, on project level, in the column Summary.

    When searching in another language than the set one (in the next figure exemplarily "schraube") you can see in the pop-up window under Hits where this is based on [NB (standard name), path and description].

  • In the following a search with "head cap bolt ISO" is conducted.

    The respective terms are marked on the tabbed page Search results:

    On project level: In Standard number (NN), Standard text (NT) and Project path

    On line level: In Standard number (NN), Standard text (NT) and Standard name (NB)

  • Hits based on table values are marked in yellow on the tabbed page Search results as well. In the following example a search for "hexagon bolt D=10 L=50" has been performed.

[48] Using this feature requires an updated full-text search index plus accordingly set config entry.

In the configuration file partsol.cfg, block INDEX:LUCENE, key TopologyCatalogs, add the desired catalog path, where you want to use the feature in the following form:


Details on this can be found under Section, “ Update Full-text search index (and Geometrical search index) for finding topological values via Full-text search ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Administration Manual.

[49] The tolerance is set via configuration file and normally does not has to be changed. See $CADENAS_SETUP/partsol.cfg -> block [FULLTEXTSEARCH] -> key TopologyTolerance.