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Manual  Kanban Report

[Note] Note

The Kanban Report is only available with an ERP integration.

In order to be able to manage modern production concepts, appropriate pre-processes are needed.

Supplier consolidation

Costs can also be reduced by replacing parts of different suppliers by parts of one supplier.

Certain suppliers provide detailed additional information on their catalog, so that their parts become comparable with those of other suppliers.

By clicking on Extras menu -> Purchineering -> Kanban Report -> Create report... the respective dialog box opens.

  1. Under Search options, in the list field under Supplier, make the desired selection.

  2. Under catalogs, activate the checkboxes at the catalogs or subdirectories to be searched.

    [Note] Note

    Only parts available in the ERP system (with ERP number) are compared. => So you only have to check green boxes.

Settings for "Kanban Report"

Settings for "Kanban Report"

After confirmation with OK it is analyzed for all projects (actually lines = characteristics), which contain ERP information, whether the selected supplier has a counterpart for it.

The Kanban Report shows two pages:

  • Overview



    The left diagram shows how many parts can be replaced.

    The right diagram shows, how many of the parts, which can be replaced, are from which catalog.

  • Results



    Under Results all found parts are listed in a table with the following information:

    • Preview picture

    • Description

    • Supplier ID

    • ERP ID

    On the basis of ERP ID and Supplier ID used part and potential alternative part can be easy detected.

    Information on the buttons Print..., Open report folder (HTML), Export is found under Section, “Buttons ”.