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Manual  Menu "Options"

The Options menu only contains the menu item Settings....

-> The dialog box Settings is opened. On the left side, select the point PARTbom.

  • You can carry out various settings which affect the display of the menu areas. You can also define directories in this menu in which the files of customers and/or ordering addresses are stored (see above).

  • The different background colors of the rows in the Table view are dependent on the respective part type (or origin). For example, the Table color for 3D parts is yellow.

    Table with assembly and 3D part

    Table with assembly and 3D part

  • Font for table: You can set font types in the Print preview or Table view. The corresponding selection menu can be found with the button on the right row border (pops up when clicked on).

  • Insert parts into: On this please see Section 3.2.5, “ Hierarchical view ”.