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Manual "Material" index page

  • Overwrite project settings:

    Refers to the setting in PARTproject under Edit project -> Render attributes -> Render material.

    Without activation, the setting in PARTproject is used (if available).

    Compare Section, “ Menu item Render attributes ” in eCATALOGsolutions Manual.

  • IOR:

    The "Index of Refraction" (calculation index) gives the "average" light refraction of the visible spectrum.

Maxwell Render - Material tabbed page

Maxwell Render - Material tabbed page

  • Roughness:

    Large values create greater roughness, so that the light reflection is reduced.

  • Attennuation in cm:

    Light absorption: the higher the value, the darker

  • Anisotropie:

    Direction dependency of light refraction

  • Use user material file:

    In the Maxwell Render you can create your own files and select these here. In this case, mark a checkmark and via Browse ... set the desired file.

    [Note] Note

    The file must be located under $CADENAS_DATA.