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Manual "Maxwell" tabbed page
  • HDR file:

    Basic settings for the lighting situation

    Per default a file is already set up. Via Browse ... you may change the file. The Maxwell installation brings some sample files with it, which you may select here.

  • brightness:

    A default value is already assigned. Adjust the value if you like.

  • Escenario:

    The stage on which the part is located, is already set up per default.

  • Show floor:

  • Drop to floor:

  • Render:

    In the list field select the desired option:

    • Do not render

      A *.mxs file is created without starting either the Renderer or the Studio. The file can later be opened in the Renderer or in the Studio.

      [Note] Note

      No image file is created. See below Create image file.

    • Start renderer: Select this setting in order to create an image file.

    • Start studio

    • Transfer to server:

      When there is a server installation which you can access, select Transfer to server.

      Then during the export the PARTrenderManager dialog box opens.

      Via the PARTrenderManager you get additional options for rendering. A detailed description on this can be found under Section, “PARTrenderManager with Maxwell Renderer ”.

  • Quit after rendering: Closes the Renderer after the image file was created

  • Stop renderer after: Setting for the sample run-through (editing steps)

    The more editing steps are carried out, the more accurate will the details be displayed.

    Adjust the default setting if you like.

  • Samples:

    Here you can determine the sampling rate. If no sampling rate is entered, the value is automatically set on 10.

  • Render a fixed time:

    You can apply render time in minutes.

  • Wait for exit renderer:

    Usually you do not leave this option activated.

  • Delete MXS after rendering:

    If you do not want to edit the MXS file later in the Renderer or Studio you can delete it.

  • Create MXI file:

    This file saves the render status up to date, so that you can later carry out more sample run-throughs.

  • Create image file:

    The following image formats are available for use in the selection listg: bmp, tga, jpg, png, png (transparent), tif, jp2, exr, ppm, pbm, pgm, hdr

  • Use rotation of 3D window:

    If you do not activate the checkbox, then you may define the rotation with your own values.

  • Zoom in Percent:

    Values smaller than 100 zoom out, larger ones zoom in.

  • Custom resolution:

    If you do not activate the checkbox, you cannot define your own values under Resolution.

  • Threads: No threads, Only outer threads, Only inner threads, Only visible threads, All threads

    [Note] Note

    The thread display requires a relatively large amount of space!

  • Destination file:

    Define the destination file via Browse ....