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Manual avoid_parts.cfg

[Hinweis] Hinweis

Ab V10 nicht mehr verwendet (weder installiert noch ausgewertet),

Das Markieren von bestimmten Zeilen erfolgt nun mittels der Tabellenvariablen CNSAVOID. Siehe hierzu Abschnitt 7.8.14, „Kennzeichnung zu vermeidender Teile“ in eCATALOGsolutions - Handbuch.

In the DIN, EN and ISO datasheets (as well as other country standards) certain sizes are sometimes considered to be avoided.

Dimensions that should be avoided: Identification in Table view

Dimensions that should be avoided: Identification in Table view

Via configuration (set for standard parts by CADENAS and may be changed administratively by customer) these sizes may be marked or hidden.

[Tipp] Tipp

The following markings complement each other:

The configuration happens in PARTadmin as described below:

Size to be avoided

Size to be avoided

Block [COMMON] contains the following keys:

  • ACTIVE: 0/1: Feature active: no/yes

  • IMAGE: Image, which will be shown in the respective rows in the PARTdataManager

  • SHOWBITMAP: not yet implemented

  • SHOWBUTTON: not yet implemented

  • SHOWLINE: 0/1: Show line: no/yes


A complete definition is contained in each block pair.

First the block, which defines the rule, then the block which is referred by the desired project.

Block [Rule name] contains the following keys:

  • RULE1, RULE2, ect.

    The value is given with Fortran syntax.

    For example: D.EQ.3.9 (EQ stands for "equal")

    Meaning: Rows, in which the variable D has the value 3.9, will be marked or hidden.

  • Block [Projectpath] with one or more keys which contain the rule name.