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Manual Block [AttributeMapping]

In this section the PARTsolutions default attributes to be transferred to the CAD system are defined.

Per default basically needed sections are already defined.

If needed further sections can be declared.

Do not change, unless with expert know-how.

Structure of an attribute section (in this context, a section is a group of keys)

The particular sections are incremented with 00, 01, 02, etc.

  • Attr_Content_xx (optional; "Attr_Content" or "Attr_CopyFrom" must be declared, or both) The value of the key refers to a same-named block in the configuration file If the value is not set the content can be specified by „CopyFrom“. If both ("CopyFrom" and "Content") is specified the content of both is merged in form of a list.

  • Attr_CopyFrom (optional; "Attr_Content" or "Attr_CopyFrom" must be given)

    If the key exists and contains a value then this means that the PARTsolutions default attributes are transferred to the CAD system.

    The following values are possible:

    • default: The attributes are transferred in the $CADENAS_LANGUAGE.

    • set language (german, english, french, etc.): The default attributes are transferred in the set language.

      NOTE: If in the set language there is no translation available in the given language then no attribute is transferred (nor the one from $CADENAS_LANGUAGE language).

    • No entry: No default attributes will be transferred. (In order to transfer certain attributes, please see the information in the following chapters.

  • Attr_Section

    A system key (the target [e.g. tab page] in the CAD), which must not be modified.

  • Attr_Prefix (optional)

    A prefix can be used (e.g. CNS_). If several languages are transferred then using prefixes for differentiation makes sense in any case.

Standard Sections with keys:

  • Attr_Content_01=CATAddUserProperties



  • Attr_Content_02=CATCompProperties


  • Attr_Content_03=CATProdProperties


  • Attr_Content_04=CATPartParameters


More examples:

  • Attr_CopyFrom_04=default





  • Attr_Content_05=CATProductParameters


Grundsätzliche Informationen zum Attributmapping finden Sie unter Abschnitt 2.2.4, „Attributmapping“.