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Manual Block [AttributeMapping(is3d)]

PARTsolutions variables (geometric, NT, NN, LINA, etc.) and all fields in the link database (if an ERP connection exists) can be transferred to NX via attribute mapping. These are then displayed in the Component Properties dialog box.

Attribute mapping is controlled via the following two blocks:

  • AttributeMapping(is3d)

  • CadDocumentAttributes

AttributeMapping(is3d) In the AttributeMapping(is3d) block you can define whether the PARTsolutions standard attributes are to be exported to the CAD system and if so, in which language(s).

Under Attr_CopyFrom_01 set the desired language. The keys Attr_Content_01 and Attr_Section_01 remain unchanged.

default: The attributes are exported in English. Assign language: The standard attributes are exported in the indicated language.

Possible values:


[Hinweis] Hinweis

If there is no translation for the indicated language of the attribute, no attribute is exported (not even from the german language).

No entry: If you leave all Attr_CopyFrom fields blank, no standard attributes will be exported. (In order to explicitly export specific attributes, use the block CadDocumentAttributes.) In NX the attributes are displayed in the Component Properties dialog box (see figure above).

Define prefix for PARTsolutions attributes

In order to set a prefix do the following:

Insert a new key Attr_Prefix_01 via context menu command "Insert key". The key value is the prefix.

Save the settings in PARTadmin.

Export the part to SolidWorks.

-> Now all PARTsolutions attributes will contain the prefix (in the above example this is "CNS_").