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1.3.1. Basics: Change language | Register | Login (Supplier/OEM portals)

  • How can I change the language of the portal?

    Click on the flag top right.

    ➝ A dropdown menu showing all available languages is opened.

    Click on the desired language.

    ➝ The language is changed and the respective flag is shown.

  • How can I create an account on the portal?

    [Note] Note

    Downloading parts is not possible without being registered!

    1. Click on Register (directly top right in the main bar or alternatively in the Login dialog).

      ➝ A dialog opens where you can enter account data and personal information and specify various setting options.

      [Note] Note

      If you allow, Country, Street, ZIP, City and State are automatically detected directly by your location.

    2. Finally click on Register.

      [Note] Note

      Depending on portal you are either immediately logged in or before a confirmation mail is sent to you where you have to click on the activation link.

      • Without manual activation:

        The registration is finished and you can immediately login on the portal.

      • With manual activation:

        On this please read following explanations.

      ➝ A confirmation message is displayed.

    3. In the received email, click on the activation link.

      Now the registration is finished and you can login on the portal.

      • Alternatively you can manually enter the activation code. See here.

      • If you deleted the email accidentally or did not receive it then you can request the activation mail again. Therefor click on Login and then in the opened dialog box on Resend activation mail.

        Resend activation mail

        Resend activation mail

        ➝ The respective dialog is opened.

        Enter your email address and click on Send.

        ➝ You will receive the activation mail again.

        In the received email, click on the activation link.

  • How can I login on the portal?

    Top right, click on Login.

    ➝ The Login dialog opens.

    Enter your email address and password and then click on Login.

    ➝ Your email address is displayed top right. (When clicking on the bar, you can see the Logout button.)

    You are logged in and you can start now.

  • How can I change my password?

    1. Open the list field under My account and click on User Profile.

      ➝ The dialog area Account Data is opened.

    2. Click on Change password.

    3. Insert old and new password and click on Save.

  • How can I activate my account?

    ➝ When registering an activation mail is automatically send to the entered email address. As soon as you click on the link the registration is finished. See above.

    Alternatively you can perform the activation in the following way:

    1. Click on Login.

    2. In the dialog box, click on Activate my account.

      ➝ The dialog Account activation is opened.

    3. Enter your email address and your activation code from the email and then confirm by clicking on Activate. If you did not receive your activation code then in Login dialog, click on Resend activation mail (see here).

  • How can I reset my password?

    Did you forget or have lost your account data, your password?

    1. In the Login dialog, click on Lost password?.

      ➝ The dialog Resend credentials is opened.

      Enter your email address and click on Send.

      You will receive an email with your username and a new password.

      With this new data you can login now.