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Manual Select target path for catalogs and standards

[Note] Note
  • Free selection of the target path is only possible during first installation.

  • For path entries $ signs are not allowed!

Set the path in which the catalogs and standards are to be installed.

The Browse button enables you to select another folder on your hard drive than the preassigned one.

Click on Next > once you have made your selection.

[Note] Note

Default paths for the installation of software and catalogs is ...\cadenas\partsolutions\software and ...\cadenas\partsolutions\data. You may set other paths as well.

Saving standards and catalogs separately from CADENAS software is useful id you want to store the data onto a network server and later access them with a single user workstation (at which only that software is installed) (see the following figure).

[Note] Note

Catalogs and Standard parts - depending on the components selected - may use up much more than one gigabyte!