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Manual Program selection

On the PARTsolutions programs, the following packages are offered:

  • PARTsolutions parts management

    Strategical parts management system. Find your searched parts fast and easy with full-text and geometrical search and add these into your CAD system. With an optional connection to ERP/PLM systems (selection of ERP/PLM connection take place later).

  • eCATALOGsolutions electronic product catalogs

    Integrated development environment for electronic product catalogs and industry standards. As a manufacturer you can create, maintain and provide catalogs with this.

  • eCATALOGsolutions quality assurance

    Control and final acceptance of internal and external modeled catalog data

--> This symbol denotes the selected components to load:

Package description: In the description text at the right you can find a short explanation about the selected components.

Please note the info under Required disk space and Available space.

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