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4.11.3. Special notes when updating from V8.1

As existing customer please regard the following:

  • Software installation

    You must first uninstall V8.1 before you can install a later version.

  • Catalog installation / DATA directory - Continue to use existing data?

    The DATA directory remains intact during deinstallation, but the index has to updated. Therefor, in PARTadmin, you can find a Migration Assistant (see Migration). However, then neither the full-text, nor the improved geometric search, are usable. Therefore the migration is mainly recommended for own part catalogs and native catalogs. For catalogs provided by us we recommend to update these via catalog DVDs or PARTadmin -> Catalog update -> Online.

    • Names of standard parts changed (Level of Detail)

      The names of all standard parts after transfer into the CAD have changed. The reason is that the geometries have been drastically changed so that the Level of Detail becomes possible.

      When using standards parts, by default, these will be generated anew in the CAD pool due to the changed names. However, you can rebuild the old behaviour via configuration of the naming rule for the document. Also regard the setting for "FlatPool " (pool with subdirectories or flat hierarchy). Should you have adjusted these settings for your company, then rebuild this option again.

      On this see Section 2.2.2, “Set file name ("FileName" key) and pool path ("poolpath" key) ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Administration Manual.

  • Insert CAD company parts in native CAD format in PARTsolutions

    When you have inserted CAD company parts with V8.1 in CAD format to PARTsolutions "User library",[13] please contact our Support or Consulting before doing an update. In order to guarantee compatibility, special settings must be made.

  • Environment variables, Registry entries

    Should entries and/or variables from older installations still be set, these must be removed in order for the language adjustment to work properly in PARTadmin.

    1. The language selection concerning the relation between PARTadmin and PARTsolutions Version 9 has been changed!

      With versions < 9 PARTadmin writes on the environment variable $CADENAS_LANGUAGE.

      With versions >= 9 PARTadmin writes onto $CADENAS_USER/partsolu.cfg. ($CADENAS_LANGUAGE can, if explicitly desired, continue to be used. The priorities can be taken from the list in the following point.)

      Now due to the changeover, users without PARTsolutions admin rights (and operation system admin rights) can make language settings at the client computer.

    2. The following lists, in order of priority, components that affect the language setting:

      1. start.env (not used per default)

      2. Environment variable (not used per default)

      3. Registry entry (not used per default)

      4. $CADENAS_USER/partsolu.cfg

      5. Local operating system

  • License management (important notes for existing customers with V9.02 and lower)

    As of V9.03 the license management has been completely reviewed. Due to many innovations and simplifications a new license service is necessary for the administration of Floating licenses. Should there already be a license service in use, then please finish it before. Parallel operation is not provided by default. Detailed information on the license service is found under Section 3.4, “FLM Server Installation - Request/install licenses ”.

  • eCATALOGsolutions for V9 is released with V9.02. Please contact the respective project manager at CADENAS, if you want to model with V9.03 so that there is no collision during project management and to make sure the catalog is available correctly online.

  • PARTconnection is no longer an independent module with V9.02, it is now integrated within.PARTdataManager.

  • PARTshaft will no longer be continued in version 9. Version 8.1.09 was the last version with PARTshaft.

[13] In V9 the respective menu command is "User library -> Insert"

In V8.1 the respective menu command was "Own parts library -> Insert".