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2.1.  Software components

Basically the software is made up of the 5 components listed below. All components, central or local, can be individually installed.

  1. Software

    Per location, one PARTsolutions installation. In one location there is a master installation, which is replicated cyclically to the other installations. At this master location all updates are imported. Should performance problems arise in one location, it should theoretically be possible to install per department, although the maintenance and replication effort increases.

  1. Catalogs

    Per location, all catalogs are centrally deposited. Course of action is the same as software.

  1. LinkDB

    One central LinkDB. The LinkDB can be installed at a central location which can be easily reached by all other locations. Should the network performance not suffice, the LinkDB can be installed at every location and replicated per database mechanism. The LinkDB is independent of the database used in the company. Of course the existing database may be used for the LinkDB as well. Experience has been made with, among others, MS SQL Server, Oracle, SAPDB, mySQL.

    [Note] Note

    Please note the information under Section 2.5, “ LinkDB”.

    [Note] Note

    The LinkDB is optional part and for the operation of PARTsolutions with ERP/PDM integration it is needed in any case.

  1. Fingerprints

    The fingerprints are usually found with the catalog state and are thus also replicated with a catalog update.

    [Note] Note

    To speed up the search, the PARTapplicationServer should be implemented for a Client-Server installation. See more information underSection 3.3, “ PARTapplicationServer installation ”.

  1. License server

    The license server is a tool which runs on a specific port on a server. All clients must have access to this computer/port. The license server can be installed in any locations. When updating licenses, a new license file must of course be imported at every location.

[Tip] Tip

Normally, a local installation of the software and catalogs demonstrates the best performance. The LinkDB should be, in so far as the network speed allows, centrally available in order to avoid possible complicated replication configurations at the database level.

There are no special hardware requirements for the server nor the client. If a CAD system works on a client, PARTsolutions should also work without a problem. Regarding system and hardware requirements, please see the following information.

The server is a pure „file server“ on which only files can be transferred to the clients and be carried out by the client. The file sizes are to be taken from the following table.The server should be designed such that he can also make files available quickly for the clients during peak hours (mornings).