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3.4.3. Installing FLM server (Master)

After having installed PARTsolutions you must get licenses for the clients/terminals from a central FLM server.

  1. Set a computer as FLM server.


    1. a separate computer[9] (at client/server and also for single workstations)


    2. the existing PARTsolutions server.

  2. From this computer open the start screen (cdstart.exe) and choose Installation (License server).

    From this computer open the directory server on your PARTsolutions installation DVD (per Explorer) and start flmserver.exe (double click).

  3. Follow the directions of the installation routine. In the window Choose Destination Location a path has already been suggested, however you may change it if you like.

    [Note] Note

    So that the installation works afterwards, the installer must have local Admin rights !

--> The copying process of data starts.


After completed installation of the FLM server, please check if the required service runs properly.

In the WINDOWS start menu, please open the directory Settings/System control/Administration/Services.

-> You should then find the service CADENAS Floating License Service V11. In the field Status you should see "Running" and in the field Autostart" Automatic" should be set.

If these settings are not available, double click on the respective field and adjust the settings in the window which opens.

[9] The FLM server can also be one of the clients. As such it must be available in the network at all times of course.