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2.3. Hardware requirements


Hardware requirements


Min. 2GHz processor


PARTsolutions: at least 700MB (recommended 1GB) free for PARTsolutions (in addition to CAD)

Disk space

4 GB HDD (per installed system)

Software Integration

0,1 GB HDD

Data standards & catalogs (including index)

The index takes approximately 1/5th of the space. The proportion varies greatly because the index size depends on several factors such as part type or number of translation languages.

The storage space depends on the individual requirements. The following specifications should simplify an estimation.

  • Currently available catalogs: About 770[a]

  • Annual growth of catalogs: ca. 40

  • If you plan on installing all catalogs, you need 40 GB storage space for the index and 200 GB for the catalogs.

FLM server

0,1 GB HDD

Graphics card

Minimum 64 MB; OpenGL-capable; Hardware 3D assistance recommended

[Note] Note

As resolution 1280x1024 is required as a minimum.

Connectivity WIN - UNIX NFS or Samba

[a] State 10/2018