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Manual  Mandatory parameters

Each dimensioning must contain the following parameters:

  • ID

    ID is only required, if a dimensioning serves as Base dimension for a chain dimensioning.

  • Description

    The description is shown in the above listing. Initially a description is automatically given, when creating a new dimensioning (AUTO-<number>), which can be adjusted as desired.

  • Type

    When creating a new dimensioning, HORIZONTAL is automatically displayed. In the list field, adjust the selection to ANGLE. You can change the type anytime.

    [Note] Note

    The parameter fields are not updated until you have clicked Save changes .

  • Views

    At the desired 2D views, where the dimensioning shall be displayed, activate the checkbox.

    Views which contain a dimensioning, can be recognized in the 3D toolbar, by a respective icon with dimensioning lines .

  • Measuring point 1, Measuring point 2,Measuring point 3, Measuring point 4

    At angular dimensionings 2 lines are specified by 4 points, which describe the angle.

    Direction of angle L1 and Direction of angle L2

    Direction of rotation of line 1 and 2

    Value range: 0 / 1

    The arc is drawn from line 1 to line 2. Thus please regard the order when setting the points and lines. Possibly change the measuring points 1/2 with 3/4. Changing of points and lines influences the direction of rotation of the angle.

    [Note] Note

    The value is a string, which can also contain variables or conditions.



  • Mirror

    Value range:

    • 0: Dimensioning of full circle minus calculated angle

    • 1: Dimensioning of calculated angle

  • Displacement of the dimensioning arc of the angle to the intersection point of lines

    Specify a fixed value or better a variable or use a PARTdesigner expression as well: E.g.: D*2