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Manual  Class systems: export translations...

Via command Class systems: export translations... you can call up the dialog box Create CSV for translation.

Class systems: export translations...

Class systems: export translations...

In the dialog box Create CSV for translation perform the following settings:

Translate class system/Import translations Translations, export Translations, import

Translate class system/Import translations

  • Class system: Select your personally created class from the pull-down menu. The classes available by default are usually not edited.

  • CSV file: Set the export file using ....

  • Languages: In the entry field all available languages are shown. Check the box for those languages to be translated.

The remaining default settings can be carried over.

  • Separator:

  • Sign of text identification:

Confirm with OK.

After finished translation call up the dialog box Import translations via Class systems: Import translations....

This corresponds with the contents of the Create CSV for translation dialog box. Apply the same settings as for export and confirm with OK.