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Manual Export into CAD system

If you want to export special derivations into the CAD system later, then proceed as follows:

  1. Call PARTdataManager via PARTsolutions menu -> Insert 2D (Insert model).

  2. Call up export function:

    [Note] Note

    The further process depends on the setting under Extras menu -> Settings... -> Export to CAD. See Section 12.1.12, “"Export to CAD" tabbed page ”.

    • Directly after having selected the desired part, click on Transfer to CAD .

      -> The dialog box Choose view to pass... opens.

      Dialog box "Choose view to pass..."

      Dialog box "Choose view to pass..."

      Select the desired derivation and confirm with OK.

      -> The derivation is directly transferred to CAD.

    • Click on the button 2D derivation .

      -> The docking window 2D derivation is opened.

      2D derivation

      2D derivation

      Select the desired derivation.

      Click on Transfer to CAD .


Result exemplarily in AutoCAD

Result exemplarily in AutoCAD