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Manual Insert start element

  1. In the docking window Configurator, via secondary mouse key, call the context menu of Parts.

  2. Click Insert part.... -> The window Open file appears and the Project Files (*.prj) are displayed.

  3. Under .../partsolutions/23d-libs/training/assembly/platte_schraube, pick the part you want to insert as Start element (here plate.prj).

    -> The dialog box Part properties is opened.

    [Note] Note

    If an Assembly Table Project shall be created from a configuration, you have to use a dummy starter-part. On this see Section 9.8, “Example 2 - Create an Assembly Table Project ”.

  4. Enter Description and Equation name.

  5. Specify the plate as Start element.

  6. Specification of part color: In older versions, at this place, the part color could be specified. As of version 11, please set color information under Edit project -> tabbed page General -> Color and texture or preferably under Render attributes.

  7. Confirm with OK.

    [Note] Note

    Remember that the Part properties window may only be exited via OK, if the fields Description and Equation name have been filled out.

  8. After you have confirmed with OK in the Part properties dialog area, the first part (plate) is displayed in the Configurator as subordinated directory.

    The part symbol is highlighted in red and thus identified as start element.

    -> Below the part name you can find the directories Table restrictions, Value range assignments and Conditions (see Section, “Context menu of "Table restrictions" directory ” ff.).

    -> The x icon (besides the name of connection point) stands for the Connection point, which was assigned to the part in PARTdesigner.

    -> In the dialog area Assembly, the plate is inserted as preview.