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3.2.24. Creative Commons license for export formats

Depending on supplier specifications, the license Creative Commons is included in the project table.

In this way the license is present in all formats, which transfer parameters and thus is transferred to target systems like CAD, for example.


  1. Create a variable CNSLICENSE.

  2. In each table row, set an entry according to the following scheme:

    CC BY-ND 4.0 (Supplier: %supplier% / CAD Data: CADENAS GmbH)

  3. Under Show project -> tabbed page General -> Variables -> Variables containing external references, enter the variable name CNSLICENSE.

  4. Under Document to open enter following link:


  5. Result in PARTdataManager:

[Note] Note

Always all projects of the whole catalog have to be set under CC. It is not possible to set only single projects under CC.

[Tip] Tip

Setting the variable CNSLICENSE with the desired value is easy via Batch process all tables in project.

On this please see Section, “ Add variable / change variable value ”.

[Note] Note

Via configuration file of the CAD systems, you have the possibility to exclude attributes in the productive environment or PDM.