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Manual  Collect classification data...

With the Class lister you can collect classification data and export into a CSV file, in order to perform data synchronization and comparison.

Call up the Classlister via PARTproject -> Extras -> Additional modules-> Collect classification data....

Alternatively you can call up the Classlister via context menu of a directory and the command Output -> Collect classification data....

Simply follow the single dialogs in the dialog box Class lister.

  1. Determine the source directory under Catalog.

    Select the Class system via list field.

    Select the Language via list field.

    Data source

    Data source

  2. Determine, which information the output file shall be contain.

    Activate/deactivate the respective checkboxes at Save class information and Save class variable information.

    Choose the desired output path via search button ....



  3. Here you can configure the formatting of the data that will be exported.



    • Format output

      Select this option for a direct, clear depiction. If you want to pass on the information or to edit, then do not activate this option.

      You can optionally activate the checkbox Add row separators. In the following exemplary figure "=" has been used.

      Classlister output

      Classlister output

    • CSV settings

      Open the list field and select Column separator and Text delimiter.

    • Project paths

      Select Relative output or Absolute output.

  4. Column options for classes

    Activate the checkbox at columns to be exported.

    Optionally change the sequence of a column by selecting it and then moving it up and down with the help of the arrow keys.

    Optionally change a column name by double-clicking on it and then editing it.

    Column options for classes

    Column options for classes

  5. Column options for class variables

    The procedure is according to the one at Column options for classes.

    Column options for class variables

    Column options for class variables

    Click on Finish.

    -> The information is exported into the specified files now.