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Manual Classification certification levels

Validated electrical parts contain important information like mounting points, symbols, alternative views, technical parameters, classifications, part numbers, etc.

In addition to material master data, all necessary electrical information is provided which is required for the creation of the circuit diagram, the switch cabinet layout, and wiring and for the creation of the cable harness.

Catalogs can have three different certification levels:

  1. Basic - Geometric component data:

    • Material master data

    • Preview image

    • 3D shape (STEP)

  2. Certified - Geometrical Component data plus electrical characteristics:

    • Component type (currently terminals and connectors)

    • Circuit symbols

    • 3D representation with connection points

    • Master-slave relationships

    • Connection points with names and symbol and component assignments

    • Cross-section definitions at the connection points

    • Positioning information for the control cabinet

  3. Premium - Comprehensive Classification:

    Parts which also have accessory or relationship intelligence

    • All eCl@ss component attributes

    • Mating connectors for plugged connection points

    • Connection type, connection direction and number of permitted wires at the connection point.

    • Slots for additional parts and information on restricted areas

In order to classify parts accordingly, a BMEcat eCl@ss Advanced Import can be performed.

Following section shows the attribute mapping for terminals and connectors between eCl@ss ADVANCED attributes how they are available after a BMEcat import and the respective E3.series components and the respective certification level.