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11.2.6.  BOMexport

The BOM export section is a kind of enhanced <part> information.

Under <part> the <bom category> is only referenced.

  <bom category="...">

The complete definition is found under <bomexport>.

Many parts use the same information, so it works like an attribute set.


    <bom category="..." vname="..." >
  • bom


    • category:

      [Note] Note

      The name of the category has to match the category given in <part>.

    • vname: shown name

    Child elements:

    • bomid - defines the part (e.g. order number)

    • exportvars - variables which are shown in bom, separated by ","

    • lengthvars - variable containing the length

    • heightvars - variable containing the height

    • widthvars - variable containing the width


    <bom category="transport" vname="Transport" >