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3.3.6. Manual Test Instances

For all catalogs that are created by CADENAS following persons perform a manual check:

Person/ Instance Task
Modeller Check of all dimensions and configurations regarding the original data of the supplier (print-catalog, CAD-data, technical documents, etc.)
QA-Group Leader Check of the created data with standardized check protocols
QA-Team Leader Random Sample Checks and over all evaluation of the created catalog
Project Coordinator Administrative final checking and examination of contractual aspects
Contractor Check of all dimensions / configurations and formal release before the publication of the data

Each person / instance is able to change the QA-status for parts / chapters related to the assigned role-right in PARTproject (see previous point). Therefore the whole project status and progress is transparent and comprehensible for everybody working in the Project Team.

[Note] Note

On this, please review Chapter 6, PARTproject QA.