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7.12.3.  Open

[Note] Note

If the QA mode is active (PARTproject -> Extras -> Preferences... -> General -> Activate QA), direct opening or creating of files in the PARTdesigner, is not allowed. Editing has to be initialized via PARTproject.

In the QA-Modus, the menu items and buttons New, New table and Open remain inactive or a respective message is displayed.

Via button Open or menu item File -> Open different file types can be opened:

[Note] Note

The user interface is adjusted according to the opened file type.

[Note] Note

Only files corresponding to the set file format are displayed.

[Caution] Caution

Save the current model/project before opening a new file.

The single file formats

  • 3D designer files (*.3db *.3gb) , *.dbs

    [Note] Note

    The table is created on the basis of Variables and Values created in the course of modeling (Designer variables).

  • Attribute files (*.tab *.tac)

    [Note] Note

    *.tac files are encrypted and can only be called, if the respective License is available.

  • Design3D backup files (*.3bk)

  • Project files (*.prj)

    When choosing a project file, the dialog box Geometry selection is opened.

    Based on the tab/tac file allocated to the project, all corresponding 3db/3gb files are displayed.

    Select the desired geometry (*.3db/*.3gb) and confrim with OK.

    [Note] Note

    When opening the project file both 3db and tab/tac file is started.

  • Meta files (*.2db)

  • Meta files (*.ps3)