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Manual  Create HTML index
[Note] Note

The command Create HTML index is available on catalog root level.

Create your catalog structure (or a substructure) in HTML format.

  1. Select the catalog directory or a subdirectory and in the context menu, under Output, execute the command Create HTML index.

    -> The same-named dialog box opens.

    • Destination directory: Here, the entire created HTML structure is stored.

    • Base link: For all directories and projects deeplinks are created based on the path set under Base link.

    • Open HTML page in browser: If you want to see the result immediately activate the checkbox.

  2. Perform the desired settings and confirm with OK.

    -> The start page opens.

    Start page

    Start page

    The start page contains information on supported output formats (Native CAD and Neutral CAD), furthermore information on supported ERP/PDM interfaces.

  3. Select the desired catalog language.

    -> Now you can see the index structure at uppermost level.

  4. Click through to the desired part. At bottom level you can see the link Load the CAD data.

  5. Click on Load the CAD data.

    -> The part is opened on PARTcommunity.