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Manual  Allocate 2D derivation in PARTproject

The corresponding allocations take place in PARTproject on the register page 2D derivation.

Register page 2D derivation

Register page 2D derivation

  1. Under View choose a standard view if you want to replace this through a modified view


    with random text entry enter a view that you have created yourself if you want to add it.

    [Note] Note

    If the drawing is saved internally in the 3D model, you must use exactly the name given before.

  2. Under 2D model choose:

    • From 3db file, if you have created an internally saved 3D drawing in the sketcher.

    • One of your models contained within the sketcher, which you have saved into the directory.

      This is displayed in the list field if it is available as a .2db file in the project directory.

  3. Select Add or Replace:

    • Add

      Is only possible if you chose a self-created view!

    • Replace

      Is only possible if you chose a standard view. The respective standard views will then be overwritten.