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3.2.2.  Definition of catalog Company key (license key)

New catalogs must be set up on the eCAT SVN server. Within this procedure the Company key (license key) must be specified according to the schema CNS2009*CATALOGS*<CATALOGNAME>.

Company key

Company key

This key is basically defined by the Project Manager but following rules must be considered:

  • Since V9 all license keys must start with CNS2009*CATALOGS*

    [Note] Note

    Older catalogs still may have "CNS2005" inserted in some places, which is not a problem.

  • The subsequent catalog name must be completely in capital letters. However, numbers have to be used without separator (“-“/ “_”) or any special character.

[Tip] Tip

When calling the command licenses in the active module in the Help menu, the PARTsolutions license information is opened.

Here you can see which license is currently used. The entry starts with CNS2009*CATALOGS or CNS2009*CATALOGSADDITIONAL.