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9.4.2.  Create new set of rules

[Note] Note

The initial creation of a new assembly configuration always happens in PARTprojekt. The further processing then happens in PARTdataManager, in the docking window Configurator.

  1. Create an assembly configuration.

    Therefor, in the dialog area Project selection, on directory level, click on the context menu command New project. Enter a name. In the list field, select the option Template for Assembly Configuration. Confirm with OK.

    -> The configuration is created in the project selection area of PARTproject.

    -> At assembly configurations, the postfix "_asmcfg.prj" is automatically attached to the given name.

  2. In the context menu of the assembly configuration, click on the command Open with PARTdataManager.

    -> PARTdataManager opens with an empty configuration.

    -> The docking windows Configurator and Assembly are automatically active.

    A detailed example about the creation of a configuration can be found under Section 9.7, “Example 1- Create Set of rules ”.