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9.6. What does it mean if...

What does it mean if elements in the tree are grayed?

Gray elements should not be used to build an assembly. Although you can open such parts and integrate them into the 3D preview, the automatic dimensioning, in respect to the start element and/or neighboring part, is not always clear!

What does it mean if an element is inserted automatically, although "Build assembly automatically" is not activated?

Parts with only one variant defined are integrated automatically with the insert command.

What does it mean if an element in the directory tree is marked in red, but in the related table there are no variants?

The constellation selected by you does not provide for an appropriate part in this position of the assembly.

If you intend to export the assembly, you must first select another variant at a "higher" level of the structure so that there are no more parts in red letters.

[Note] Note

An assembly can only be exported if all directory elements are uniquely engaged.

What does it mean if an element is marked in orange in the "Assembly" window?

One or several alternative parts have been created in relation to this element, but these are inserted simultaneouslyinto the assembly, contrary to the other elements marked with "(ex.)" in the context menus.