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Manual  Delete directory/Delete project

Deleting does not influence the data on the server. You just delete your current local working copy. You can download the deleted directory/project form the server anytime.

[Warning] Warning

If your local work does not match with the server status - shown by a red checkmark - data loss impends! That means, only delete if you have uploaded your local state (green checkmark) or if you really want to discard it in order to check out the current server state.

[Tip] Tip

This could be the quickest way to get a "clean" status again, if your work was incorrect.

Upload preliminary results to the server as often as possible!

After you have deleted a directory / project using > Delete directory and/or Delete project in the context menu, the corresponding directory / project is marked with the symbol "D" for "deleted".

The command Upload changed files in directories / projects to the server changes the "D" into a green checkmark.

The command Check in project (set read-only) changes the "D" into the lock symbol.