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Manual  Insert new plane... (Plane Feature)

Type Plane with distance

A parallel plane can be created on the currently selected plane. Its position is defined via Distance and Direction.

If you activate the option Other direction , the value in the Distance field is inverted and the reference plane is aligned in the "opposite" direction.

-> In the 3D History dialog area, the new plane shows up with the name that was assigned in the dialog under Name. Per default "Reference plane 1" has been entered. Further reference planes are numbered consecutively.

[Note] Note

The 3D view immediately visualizes value changes and the position in the coordinate system.

Plane with distance

Plane with distance

Type Plane with rotation

A plane with angle can be created on the current plane.

  1. Under Angle enter a degree.

  2. In the list field, under Turn around select the desired axis.

The following image shows the current plane ZX turned around the X axis by 45°.

Plane with rotation

Plane with rotation

With the help of the option Only create, if a Condition can be added to the reference plane.

Enter, for example, B > 10.