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Manual Disable / enable sketch(es)

Sometimes it makes sense to temporarily disable one or several sketches (Base extrude / Cut extrude) (e.g. for testing purposes).

For this use the function Deactivate / Activate. You can apply it for a single sketch and for several all at once just as well.

When using Deactivate there are two possibilities:

  • There has not been set a condition before:

    Then the option Only create, if will be activated and "0=1" be set.

  • There has already been set a condition before:

    Then "& 0=1" is added to the existing.

In order to activate proceed the other way around.

Hidden "Base extrudes" are marked with a respective icon .

Sketches with condition are marked with the "if" Icon by default.

[Note] Note

The new feature is fully compatible with older versions, just the icon won't show up in older versions.


Initial situation: For sketch 3 a condition exists, for sketch 2 not. Both shall be hidden.

  1. Mark the desired Base extrudes and click on context menu command Deactivate.

    -> Hidden "Base extrudes" are marked with a respective icon .

    -> By default, the sketches are marked with the "if" icon.

  2. Open Base extrude 2. The invalid condition "0=1" has been entered.

  3. Open Base extrude 3. Here, the invalid condition "0=1" has been concatenated with the already existing "C=6" using "&".

  4. In order to enable the sketches again, click on the context menu command Activate.