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6.11.1.  eCATALOGsolutions: PARTproject QA - Solve SVN conflict

When using QA administrated catalogs it shouldn't be possible that different users work on the same file at the same time; however it cannot be excluded that conflicts arise. For example, it could be that writing permissions have not been adjusted (because PARTproject had been closed for any reason).

Files with conflicts are marked with a "C".

As of V9.08 SP1, in PARTproject QA, in the context menu under Versioning system, you can find the additional command Edit conflict. (Only in case of conflict.)

Clicking on the command the same-named dialog box opens.

You can see which user is concerned in the conflict.

The dialog shows the following options:

  • Keep my changes to the file

  • Keep changes of <username>

  • Show file content (at textual conflicts)

    [Tip] Tip

    You can use Tortoise as comparison tool as well. Therefor set the following entry in the configuration file:


    DiffTool=TortoiseMerge.exe /base:"%1" /theirs:"%2" /readonly

    -> Now the dialog box Edit conflict shows the additional button Call external comparison tool.

    When clicking on the button, the respective dialog box of Tortoise opens.

  • Resolve conflict later

Detailed information on PARTproject QA can be found under Chapter 6, PARTproject QA.