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Manual  Copy (only sketch)

Via Copy (only sketch) you can copy a sketch and specifically insert it into the 3D view on one of the planes of an extrusion body or rotational body.

Do the following:

  1. Click on the 3D History of the sketch feature to be copied.

  2. In the context menu select Copy (only sketch).

    Copy (only sketch)

    Copy (only sketch)

    -> The outline of the sketch is marked in color.

  3. Mark the plane on which you want to insert the sketch and call the context menu command Paste sketch.

    -> The Sketcher is opened.

  4. Confirm the sketch by clicking on Accept changes (or perform changes before).

    -> The Sketcher is closed.

  5. -> The sketch is inserted on the plane selected before. In this example you can perform an extrusion now.

    Sketch inserted

    Sketch inserted