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Manual Correct display of inch variables in dimensionings

As of V11 SP9 decimal values in dimensionings can be displayed as fraction.

For this use following expression:



"{0.75%frac%2}" is displayed as "3/4".



Mixed text for dimensionings is also possible:

"{0.75%frac%2} = {0.75}" is displayed as "3/4 = 0.75".

[Important] Important

The accuracy of values determines how many decimal places will be considered.

So "{0.75%frac%1}" is displayed as "4/5", because 0.75 is rounded to 1 decimal place (0.8 -> 4/5).

Maximum value for accuracy is 9. Higher values are set back to 9 internally.


If a part is opened in a version that does not support fractions, the decimal value will show up.