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Manual Transfer special derivations or technical views to CAD system

If customer sided provided you can transfer additional derivations to the CAD system in the Choose view to pass... dialog box (exemplified below "Special5").

Furthermore the technical views are displayed in the dialog box and can also be transferred to the CAD system.

In order to export special derivations to the CAD system, proceed as follows:

  1. Call up PARTdataManager in the CAD system via the PARTsolutions menu -> Insert 2D.

  2. After selection of the desired part click on Export to CAD.

    [Note] Note

    On this please regard the setting options under Section 12.1.12, “"Export to CAD" tabbed page ”.

  3. -> The Choose view to pass... dialog box opens.

  4. Select the special desired view here.

    Derivation (Spezial5 - )

    Derivation (Spezial5 - )

    Technical view (Front view)

    Technical view (Front view)

  5. Confirm via Commit in the dialog box.

  6. -> The special derivation or view is transferred to the CAD system.